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There are two things to consider when choosing a package: number of hours and number of locations. If you only want photos taken inside city hall (or only for an hour after your ceremony)*, the New Yorker package is for you. Perfect for couples eloping before a bigger wedding. 
*Sometimes the process in city hall takes longer than one hour. However, I make this consideration and bill for the time inside as one hour regardless.

If you want your ceremony and time inside city hall documented as well as an hour of family photos + portraits outside and in the area afterward, our most popular package, the New York Times, will probably work best for you. The Wall Street Journal was created for couples who want their time inside city hall documented, an hour of family photos and portraits afterwards, and an hour of a brunch or reception captured as well. 

THE wall street journal

1350 USD

The Sunday edition. 

Photography coverage inside city hall
An hour of portraits + family photos after the ceremony 
One hour of photo coverage at your brunch, party, or reception (or another hour of portraits if you're extra like that. I love extra). 

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The new york times

900 USD

The bestseller.

This is my most popular package. Coverage is included for your time inside city hall and an hour of any desired friend or family photos and couples portraits afterwards.*

*Includes portrait session in the same neighborhood as your marriage bureau. If you'd like to go elsewhere in the city for portraits, please mention where in your inquiry! 

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450 USD

If you're keeping it short and sweet, the New Yorker package may be for you. This package includes photography coverage for the entirety of your ceremony inside city hall - I arrive when you check in and leave when the ceremony is finished (after taking a few photos of you exiting the building as a married couple, of course). On average this process takes around an hour to an hour and a half.

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“Hiring Max for our elopement was hands down the best decision we made for our day. She knew the area better than an NYC taxi driver and was a pleasure to work with from start to finish.”

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Max McQueen Photo was built to bring a fresh, modern, and inclusive experience to the wedding industry and I like working with couples who share the same values. I believe that all love is equal and deserves to be celebrated. I'm a feminist, a proud ally to the LGBTQIA+ community, and a white woman who wants to do better.